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ALLEN ASSOCIATES has 15 years of successfully working with the best clients and job seekers in Massachusetts and surrounding states. If you're a career seeker in the healthcare forum we can help.

Allen Associates Recruitment Process

Recruitment is time-consuming and costly; hiring the wrong person is MORE costly. Allen Associates has 15 years of success placing healthcare professionals, and is dedicated to matching the best candidate to your needs. We accomplish this in three stages.


Allen Associates builds a corporate profile and develops an in-depth understanding of your requirements for each position. We develop job descriptions as necessary, discuss proactive compensation plans, and provide current salary guidelines.
To facilitate smooth transitions, Allen Associates will conduct exit interviews when necessary.

Our database has over 10,000 available healthcare professional in the United States. In addition, we utilize all recruitment advertising, Internet connections, and industry associations and directories.

We qualify potential candidates by skill set, motivation, career fit, experience, income expectations, location, and any other parameters unique to your situation.

Short Listing
Qualified candidates undergo in-depth interviews to ensure they fit your needs perfectly.


We organize client interviews at the location of your choice. Our
boardroom is also available for your convenience.

Reference Checking and Resume Auditing
Our screening process includes personal contact with as may as three
listed references. We also verify applicants' education and employment

Allen Associates conducts all employment negotiations regarding
salaries, bonuses, and start dates.


Follow Up
We place follow-up calls to clients and candidates after the first
three, six, and 12 months.

Our Guarantee
You pay no fee to Allen Associates until you hire the right candidate.
Fees are contingent upon Allen Associates completing a successful
client/candidate match.

Zero-cost replacement is our commitment to you. If Allen
Associates-recommended candidates leave (or in the unfortunate event
that you must terminate them within 60 days), we begin immediate
searches for new candidates -- at no cost to you.**

**This guarantee does not apply to candidates terminated due to
restructuring or elimination of the position, and is valid only if
payment terms have been satisfied.

Job Function
Business Development
Experience Level
Senior Level
Mid Level
Entry Level
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